Who We Are

HUB Marketing Ltd in Edmonton, AB is known for providing innovative and unique solutions for dry ingredient handling. These range from low volume to bulk volume solutions. We provide system solutions by supplying customer-oriented designs using high-quality equipment and packaging. Where required, the equipment components are integrated into systems, allowing for system responsibility.

We pride ourselves on relationship building. We build relationships between all parties: our clients, our suppliers and our employees. These relationships then turn into partnerships where all parties benefit. Primarily industrial in our base market, we also service resource-based industries, food products industries and metals industries.

What We Do

In addition to providing system solutions and equipment for dry ingredient handling, HUB Marketing Ltd also offers:

Production line in a food factory

  • Consultation services with qualified engineers who specialize in process, manufacturing and production areas. We can provide assistance in debugging ingredient-handling difficulties.
  • We provide dry ingredient handling products of superior quality to the following industries:
    • Chemicals and Plastics
    • Food Industry
    • Mining and Metals
    • Oil and Metal
    • Pharmaceutical

Contact HUB Marketing Ltd

At HUB, we strive to provide our clients with superior value. We pride ourselves on finding the best solutions for our clients’ needs. We have access to some of the highest quality equipment in the industry. Our goal is to locate the right equipment and handling solutions for our clients—products that will deliver consistent performance and a strong return on investment.